Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Finally Over... now the wait!

This afternoon at about 1:30pm I finished my last final of the semester (Japanese 101). I felt it was super fair, and was totally Ace-able. Did that happen, not quite, but I'm still optimistic. But freeze before I continue I must speak of the massive cramp session I put myself through the night before. Here it goes.

Sunday was supposed to be all about Japan. I thought to study, I'll play some J-pop music in the background so that my environment was all Japanese. What really happened was:

9:00am: Mother wakes me up and invites me to Ihop for Breakfast (how can I say no)

10:30am: Come back and decided to take a nap till twelve since I haven't been getting good sleep a all.

11:3oam: Mother interrupts my sleep because her and my father need my help to hold the ceiling up in the kitchen (its under construction).

11:45am: Any sleep I acquirred had just been negated and so the new plan is for one.

3:00pm: I wake up. Alarm didn't go off. Why? cuz my father has a habbit of turning of the curciut breaker for his own purposes. I'm pissed and there for decided to watch my Gay German soup Opera on YouTube. I end up finishing all the videos that are posted (a totall of 137 vids).

10:30pm: After the Soap Opera had nothing new for me I moved on for a "quick" glance at Facebook. This quick glance became slushed with filtering out my Friends and getting rid of the people I know will never wall me. I was left with 285 or some number. No to mention did a couple of back and fourth commenting with peeps.

12:30am: At this point i'm still not nervous i tell myself I'll start at one after I read this Maryams diet Blog. Um yeah, 38 entries later, it's 2:45am. Maybe I read slow or maybe i'm was tired. Didn't matter. I was happy my study session began.

Japanese Study Session:
Texted my fellow class mate for some moral support. (That helped, a lot I love that girl.)
Spent the next two hours review the Vocabulary from Chapters 1 - 3. That was fun, I knew most of it. I decided to take a nap. I put all the alarms at my disposal for 5:00am. I hit snooze twice for 5:20 wake up call. Time to continue. Chapter 4 and 5 were a bit difficult But i managed about 85% absorption. Lost contact with friend around 6:00am. It just figure she fell asleep. So i take a nap in the living room tell my mom to wake me up at 7:00. Don't get up till 7:3oish. Take a much needed shower. Get dressed , pack my bag, and dispite being frightened shit-less for fear of my final starting at 9 and me missing it, I make it to school level headed and calm. My final started at 11:30 and ended at one.

That was my life in two days part. Pardon while I sleep and wake up NEVER.

kudos to those who live like this every day you are true Soilders.

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