Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't Laugh!..... okay maybe just a littlle.

This post is in response to the comment life by my dear follower Uri. haha. The answer is yes. I started this blog bAAAAASICALLY because of her. I have super-stalker tendencies. So when she told her Intro class to check out her diet blog I was all for it. However I did feel a little selfish (being all up in her life). I thought to balance it out I'll offer a piece of myself as an awesome reward. Whether she reads it or not, it's all cool by me. (She's already a follower LOL).

And in case your wondering. UM. I don't know how to respond to a comment. hahaha. I know, I'm such a goof. But that's why everyone loves me =D.

I'd end with: "Blog you later." But i'm done being awkward today.


P.S. Maryam you are the Jalapeno Pepper of Popularity!!! Take that to the BANK>


  1. Oh and feel free to dedicate your next entry to all the reasons I'm so awesome...