Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For the Month of January

These last couple of days have been interesting. I finished my 2nd semester at Hunter College. I returned to my mothers job for Winter Break. I'm already freaking out to pay next semesters bill (due 1/5/08 or else i'll lose all my classes), and all i feel like doing is lying on my bed watching my gay Soups.......... bAAAAAsically. haha.

I don't know how I managed to pull out two A+'s this semester (not that I'm complaining) all I'm waiting for is for is one more grade. But the teacher is freaking over-worked as it is, so i let life live and chill till it's posted. Hunter College has been good for me in different ways. I'm working at a company called IceStone, where they make eco friendly contertops. My parents will soon have their counter tops for their new Kitchen. Can't wait to get my first pay check =D. I dread bugging my mother to pay the tuition bill, but sacrifices must be made, I'm totally saving for textbooks ( I must give a little).

As for my Soup watching, that still continues. What do I watch? Two shows. On YouTube, someone was kind enough to edit and upload Luke & Noah's storyline of "As the World Turns". Yes it's a Daytime Soap ( I'll just ignore the stares ). And if it isn't ATWT, Some other YouTube member has done the same for a German Drama, called "Verbotene Liebe" (Forbidden Love) for the characters Christian & Oliver. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Surprisingly they are a couple of firsts. Luke & Noah are the first (and for now, only) gay male kiss on Daytime Soap Television. Christian & Oliver are the first gay couple in German Drama (or at least that's what the website said).

Anyway these will be my obsessions for the month of January. Happy New Year! What are your plans?


P.S. using my newly hound "Linguistical" powers I can tell you that with a little Voicing here and a little Fronting there, you and I can totally see that Verboten=Forbidden. I absolute love it. <3<3

P.S.2 Maryam I'm gay. (That's 2) haha


  1. Good boy. See isn't it making you feel better?

  2. Also, you know that the "V" in "Verboten" is actually pronounced [f]. So for that part, voicing doesn't even differ between German and English.