Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Heres what I have so far.

1) BE ACTIVE!!! I hate feeling like shit and not moving doesn't help. When I speak about my likes and dislike I always mention dancing and I realize I don't do enough of it. I need to get my ass up. I also figure I can verge this resolution with another. I want to exercise. Before tackling my eating intake I want to work on my body directly (does that make sense?). Anyway exercise 3 times a week for 45-to-60 minutes at a time.

2) I want to read the Bible (should it be capitalized?). Anyway. I do believe in God and want a better spiritual relationship to the Lord.

3) Music, love it and I should do something with that love. I want to re-learn to read & write music. My goal is to write 2 songs. This will be on the piano, which I also hope to "play". 2009 will be my introduction to the world of creating music.

4) Okay lets talk about the weight. Whether I look it or not (i know i do), I am 277 lbs. I'm not gonna say it's all fat because I know it's not, BUT! my goal, which isn't a bad one. is to lose 50-ish pounds. But to be specific because I know much of a HOT TOPIC losing weight can be. I want to lose 50 pounds of bad fat. I know i have it. Lets get rid of it.

5) Maybe snag a boyfriend. Or at least put myself out there that way. I really don't know how to date.... sad =( but true.

I feel like (for the first four) this is a solid list and with that I bid you farwell. I must sleep for work. I'm a working boy now. =D.