Friday, December 26, 2008

The Change We Need!


This is the third time i write this entry. I wasn't happy with the other they seemed to moppy.

Christmas was fine. I'd say that the highlight was spending time with my cousin (Yarian) and her husband (Carlos). Although Orginially from Puerto Rico, Carlos is attending University (don't know which one) at North Dakota. Why lol don't ask me. I rarely see her and it was great to spend time with Family. I wish my parents would feel the same. For Christmas, after having breakfast with the family, and opening the presents from my Aunt. ( I got two more pairrs of Converse... Yay me!!!) they left and went back to their house to continue construction with the kitchen! Taking a day off was to much of an inconvenience. Oh well, I just need to get over it. My parents no long care about this holiday. They have this way for half assing that just piles on to the reasons i need to move out of the house. But of course I can't do that joy.

I'll stop here. My hopes are that people feel different and that they obviously had a much better holiday than I did. Excuse my crappiness. I need to chug a gallon of orange juice while my body fights a cold.

Happy Holidays! 2009 feel free to come ahead of schedule.

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